HUFFINGTON POST Reporter Mistakes Earplugs For "Rubber Bullets"
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The Huffington Post, as The Onion famously satirized, isn't really a media outlet.  ['Huffington Post' Employeee Sucked Into Aggrgation TurbineFebruary 2, 2012]  It's an aggregator, specializing in clickbait content for urban white liberals, mostly featuring Jon Stewart videos, faux outrage about homosexuality, and worshipful tributes to MSNBC anchors.

When they actually try to do reporting, catastrophe results.  Huffington Post "justice reporter" Ryan Reilly, eager to further The Narrative of helpless blacks being gunned down by racist white cops in Ferguson, mistook earplugs for rubber bullets.  ['Speechless!' You won't believe what Huffpo journo arrested in Ferguson thought were rubber bullets, Twitchy, August 17, 2014]

What this tells us is that Reilly not only is woefully ignorant about police tactics for crowd control, but he can't have much experience with firearms.  Nonetheless, he's a major website's go-to guy for interpreting riots, gun crime, and police behavior.

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