Illegals Building Villages In Desert, Possible Terror Threat To Power Plant
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Afghan and Indian illegal aliens built temporary villages in the desert east of San Diego, California,’s Thomas Hicks reported last week. And in an alarming second revelation, one of them is near a power plant, an obvious terror attack target.

“We visited 2 of the 3 villages known to exist in the area,” Hicks reported. Immigration officials cleared them a few days before he video-recorded the illegal encampment:

It is unclear what the details are, but it appears as if the illegal aliens were simply dropped off at various locations in the desert and left to build their own dwellings. With the ongoing surge of illegals into the United States, this sounds likely. Other states have resorted to housing illegals in school gymnasiums. The location of these villages is far from any stores or residential areas and it would be difficult for anyone to stumble upon the scene by accident.

Only a specific type of person, such as rural farmers from India or Afghanistan, would have the bushcraft skills necessary to construct these huts. The people left in these locations may have been specifically chosen due to their country of origin and survival skills.

What’s more shocking is that one of the villages is located next to a power plant. A clear national security threat.

[Illegal Alien Bush Hut Villages Found in Southern California, May 19, 2023]

Similar villages are in Alabama and Florida.


Caption: Afghan or Indian Illegals built a makeshift village near a power plant outside San Diego, California—Photos via 

As possible terrorists go, border agents at ports of entry have stopped 295 illegals on the watch list so far in fiscal 2023, 77 percent of last year’s 380: 49 on the southern border, 246 on the northern border.

Agents have caught 98 trying to jump the border—96 of them at the southern border—which already equals last year’s total.

Total terrorists stopped: 393, 82.2 percent of last year’s 478.

But not to worry. Traitor Joe Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary, unindicted visa fixer Alejandro Mayorkas, assure us that the “border is secure.”

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