Immigrant Mass Murder In Toronto: Francesco Villi, Born In Italy, Killed 5 In What You Might Call A "Vendetta"
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One thing about Immigrant Mass Murder is that the MSM never wants to say the killer is an immigrant. So how do we know that chronically disgruntled condo tenant Francesco Villi, who killed five people north of the border in Vaughan, ON, a heavily Italian suburb of Toronto, is an Italian from Italy, rather than a Canadian- born person of Italian descent?

Because on video of him ranting on a Facebook video provided by Canada’s National Post, he’s ranting in an Italian accent.

Condo killer had frequent car crashes, injuries and suicidal thoughts years before massacre

The frequency of 73-year-old Francesco Villi’s strange accidents and a lack of medical proof, ruined his credibility, raising suspicions he was a malingerer

Adrian Humphreys, December 20, 2022 

See below, starting at 0:34.

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