Important Updates About Donations to
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On March 6, 2023 GabPay’s banking partner canceled, in a classic case of viewpoint discrimination. Since that time, GabPay has been unable to find another banking partner for us. There is some news that Tennessee recently passed legislation banning viewpoint discrimination in banking, but I have not had the time to look into this further with regards to gaining merchant services.

Because some people are attached to donating via credit card, I opened a GiveSendGo account and we have accumulated over $8,000 in donations on that platform. It looks to my eye like those donations are considered tax deductible, but I am continuing to research that question. A donor using that platform has the option of donating “anonymously,” which means only their email address and not their name is shared with me. I do not know what donor information is stored with GiveSendGo.

Online payments through our legacy donation platform are paid by e-check. In the last few weeks we have accumulated more than $40,000 donated through e-check. However, none of those donations have yet be deposited because the red tape at our depositing bank has been difficult to navigate. I have every hope that donations via e-check will clear within the week.

One important note: I was adjusting some settings in the e-check back end on April 11 and accidentally triggered an email to all e-check donors with the subject line “Payment Cancelled: VDARE Foundation.”

THE PAYMENTS WERE NOT ACTUALLY CANCELED. This was a mistake on my end. If you got one of these emails, you should have also gotten an email immediately afterward noting that your donation is being “reprocessed.”

To recap:

  1. The e-check system is accumulating donations
  2. The e-checks haven’t yet cleared because I’m waiting on my depositing bank
  3. Payments have NOT been cancelled, despite email indicating otherwise

If you would like to cancel your e-check donation and donate another way, please just let me know and I’ll take it out of the queue. And, as always, if anyone has any questions about their donations to the VDARE Foundation, do not hesitate to send me an email at or call me at the office 860-361-6231.

I speak on behalf of the entire board of directors when I say how grateful I am for your ongoing and courageous support. Thank you so, so much.

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