In 97% Black Selma, AL High School, Threats Of Black Violence Force School To Go To Virtual Learning
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Shot: 97% percent of students at Selma High School in Alabama are black:

Selma High School is ranked 177th within Alabama. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The AP® participation rate at Selma High School is 27%. The total minority enrollment is 100%, and 85% of students are economically disadvantaged.

Chaser: Courtesy of this demographic—and perhaps the paucity of white students—Selma High School will go all virtual because school administrators can’t ensure the safety of students if they attend in-person school…


Threats force 2 Selma schools to go virtual again, by Monae Stevens,, April 30, 2024

Students at Selma High School and Selma City Schools’ Alternative Learning Center will be learning virtually for the remainder of the week following threats made to the schools on Tuesday.

School administrators said the schools were placed on lockdown most of the day as police worked to track down the threats.

This comes after multiple weekend shootings involving teens who attend the school district forced the same two schools to go virtual earlier in the week.

Students had just returned to school Tuesday when the threats were called in.

“We always are on a mission here in the Selma city school district to keep our students safe,” said Cynthia Milledge, the district’s community and family engagement specialist.

Milledge said the violent incidents point to a communitywide issue of mental health, adding the school district has implemented intervention counseling to curb youth violence.

“We want our parents to work with us because it’s not just a problem that our teachers, as well as our administrators, as well as the district of all are working on,” Milledge said. “We have to have parental involvement in it as well.”

Every year, our elite utilize the myth of Selma, and the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to agitate for Civil Rights, one of the biggest charades in American politics. In reality, the world found in 2024 Selma, Alabama is exactly what those who fought against the advance of Civil Rights back in 1964 would have expected.

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