In New Hampshire Speech, Trump Talked Border Crisis, But Made NO Mention Of Legal Immigration
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’Earlier: Full Transcript Of Trump’s Speech In Florence, South Carolina—Good On The Border, Still Not Up To His 2015 Performance On LEGAL Immigration

Revolver had an item called The boss is back: President Trump kicks off 2024 with fiery speeches in South Carolina and New Hampshire… on January 29.

I checked out the New Hampshire speech, in which Trump comes on about 2:20:00.

I applied the CTRL-F  "Immigra" technique to the YouTube to find out if Trump talked about legal immigration, and while he mentions the Border several times, the only mention of immigration is when a New Hampshire GOP operative comes on after Trump, at 3:18:58, and mentions, along with NRA and pro-life outreach, ”immigrant outreach.”

The problem is that if Trump isn’t saying anything about legal immigration, he’s not projecting the level of immigration patriotism he did in 2015, when he definitely won. See my 2015 post Trump Posts Immigration Plan, Neocons Go A Little Crazy.

And Trump may find himself running against DeSantis, who does seem to realize that mass immigration is bad, even when it’s legal.

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