In Which Sports Can Women Compete With Men?
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My theory has always been that what we think of as sports are basically tests of masculinity, so it’s not surprising that women seldom do well at them relative to men.

One sport where women might even be better than men is open water swimming. For example, in Southern California’s Catalina Channel Swim of 33 kilometers across the Pacific to Catalina Island, women held the 3 fastest times ever.

Men and women compete in the Olympics in a few sports, such as equestrian (where the horse supplies the horsepower). In the U.S., equestrian events are becoming almost all Rich Girl-dominated, with close to 90% of competitors lately being female.

Men and women competed against each other in shooting in the Olympics for a while, but have gone back to separate competitions. A Chinese woman won a gold over men in one event in 1992.

Undertakings in which women tend to be better than men tend not to be labeled as sports. For example, competitive knitting is a thing,

but it’s not often considered a sport.

Competitive typing used to be pretty big, if I can trust the delightful French period romantic comedy Populaire:

But it seems like more guys are into it now in the computer age.

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