Jennifer Rubin: Let In The Syrians, Keep Out The "Belgians"
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The idea that because some of the Muslims involved in the attack on Paris were born in Europe means that that Syrian invasion is perfectly safe and can be imported to the US is absolutely ridiculous. The Muslim killers in Paris are drawn from a population less indoctrinated with radical Islam than the Syrians—they're only dangerous to the French because they're in France.

First generation immigrants from Syria will be more dangerous.  This is what Ann  Coulter was talking about in her column No “Frenchmen” Or “Belgians” Committed Paris Attacks–Only Muslim Arabs and what I was talking about when I wrote NEW YORK TIMES Blames “Belgian” For Attacks.

So because it's absolutely ridiculous, "right-wing" Washington Post immigration enthusiast blogger Jennifer Rubin [email her], believes it and is promoting it. See for yourself:

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