John Derbyshire On COVID And Race-Targeting Bioweapons—”A Deeply UnAdvertised Fact About COVID-19 Is That It Affects Different Races Differently”
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Was COVID a race-targeting bioweapon? A deeply unadvertised fact about COVID-19 is that it affects different races differently. Our own Lance Welton has spelled out the reasoning and some of the sources for this here at It’s not scientifically controversial.

As to the reason for the differences, we get here into one of those hairy old nature/nurture puzzles.

Obviously different races have different frequencies of some genes. That’s what makes them races, duh.

  • If COVID does what it does based to some degree on your genotype, and those genes with differing frequencies are involved, nature’s a factor.

  • If it’s something else—dietary, age-related, exposure to sunlight or environmental pollutants, …—nurture’s a factor.

Perhaps both are. Perhaps one or other totally isn’t.

Lance, with a respectable professional journal as his source, actually names some suspect genes. Looks like nature is definitely in there.

Once the genetics of epidemiology is in play, though, there looms up the specter of the Mannichon Solution.

”The Mannichon Solution” is the name of a short story [Read it here] that ran in the December 1967 issue of Playboy magazine. I gave a full account of the story in my Diary for July 2018. To the best of my knowledge it was the first appearance in fiction of a bioweapon that targeted specific races. I was reading sci-fi and imaginative fiction all through my teens and early twenties: I can’t recall another example.

Is such a bioweapon actually possible? I don’t know enough of the science to judge. But then, nor do the politicians of China, Russia, India, Iran, and elsewhere—those politicians, I mean, who are ultimately responsible for decisions about military research spending. Most of them don’t even know as much science as I do.

Once the idea of a race-targeting bioweapon has entered their awareness, though, they will surely get their researchers working on the issue. They will tell themselves it would be foolish not to, given that nations they regard as hostile may be doing the research.

So to the question: Are China, Russia, the U.S.A., and other nations working on a Mannichon solution—a race-targeting bioweapon? it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the answer to a better than ninety percent probability is ”Yes.”

OK, next question: Was the COVID outbreak a consequence of such research? To that, I have no idea what the yes-no probabilities are. It’s not crazy to speculate, though; and if important people speculate out loud, they may prompt journalists and other professional inquirers to dig around and see what they can find. We really ought to know what our, and their, military researchers are up to.

That is of course all much too grown-up for such a dense forest of infantilism as the U.S. mainstream media. ”Race-targeting? But … there’s no such thing as race! Unless you’re a … racist. [Scream]

That said, it’s also an area on which professional politicians should not venture opinions without very careful preparation. That goes double strength for politicians with a long paper trail of sympathy for conspiracy theories and other wackiness.

Some things not even a Kennedy can get away with.

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