John Podhoretz: "Jews Are Not White"
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Black HR Lady: “OK, for the purposes of our corporate DEI initiatives, what race box should I check on your job application?”

Job applicant: “I’m Jewish.”

Black HR Lady: “OK, so I’ll check white.”

Job Applicant: “No, I’m not white, I’m Jewish.”

B.HR.L: “I don’t see a Jewish box, so I’m checking white.”

J.A.: “I’ve never felt white. My family always told me I wasn’t really white.”

B.HR.L: “Well, I don’t see a Jewish box. So I’ll check white.”

J.A.: “No, I’m not white.”

B.HR.L: “Unh-huh.”

J.A.: “Really, I’m not.”

B.HR.L: “Well, you look pretty white to me.”

J.A.: “I have kind of curly hair!”

B.HR.L: “Unh-huh… OK, where were your folks from?”

J.A.: “My paternal great-grandparents were from Lithuania and my maternal great-grandparents from Romania.”

B.HR.L: “Unh-huh… I don’t know exactly where Lithuania and Romania are, but they sound European to me, so, I’m checking the white box.”

J.A. “But Jews originally came to Europe from the Middle East.”

B.HR.L: “It says here that according to the Office of Management and Budget, the definition of ’white’ is ’A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.’ So I’m clicking on the white box.’

J.A.: [Desperately] “My parents told me I had an ancestor born in the Caribbean.”

B.HR.L: [Brightening] “Really? My grandmother was from Barbados. What were your people’s name?”

J.A. “Judah P. Benjamin.

B.HR.L: [Darkening] “Never heard of him.“[Decisively checks “white.”]

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