"Laid, Paid, And Applauded"—Sex IS Part Of Refugee Racket's Perverse Appeal
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AltRight.com's  acerbic columnist Vincent Law doesn't mince words with  Aging Open Border Swedish Spinsters Are Sleeping With Their Migrant Boy-Toys| This is why our ancestors used to burn witches and hags (June 5 2017), a commentary on a Swedish-language report that sexual interaction between older female Swedish refugee workers and their (allegedly) minor male charges is rife ("We all do it").

Law concludes:

And it's not a phenomenon confined to Sweden so forget about these ridiculous theories about “pathological altruism”. No one is doing this out of altruism, the Swedes included. These women are lobbying for open borders to get laid, paid and applauded.
My emphasis.

Law is certainly right that this isn't just in Sweden.  Earlier this year, John Derbyshire noted that Clare Mosely, the founder of Care4Calais which channeled aid to the notorious "Jungle" refugee camp in the French port, had been discovered to be having an (adulterous) affair with one of her charges—and that, according to the Daily Mail,

Several women volunteers had embarked on relationships within the camp and a row broke out over whether those involved were “sexually exploiting” the refugees.
And I don't think this is new. More than twenty years ago, a prominent Canadian conservative told me privately that his sister, a doctor whom he described as "red as a baboon's ass," had called him when changing planes in New York on her way back from working in a Canadian taxpayer-funded refugee camp in Africa to announce: "I'm cured!"

She had found that her fellow refugee workers were a ring of pedophiles.

But they were homosexuals and hence even less likely to be outed by the Main Stream Media


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