Laken Riley, Venezuelan Rapists, Per Capita Crime Rates, And Hispanic "Identities"
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A woman named Laken Riley was apparently killed by a Venezuelan illegal named Jose Antonio Ibarra in Athens, GA, while she was out jogging, like Iowa’s Mollie Tibbetts in 2018. The assumption is that he was attempting to rape her, but ”panicked” and killed her.

I wrote here, regarding the killing of Mollie Tibbetts that

The NYT, while fond of NOT reporting when an illegal immigrant kills someone, did a piece about women being harassed, and sometimes murdered while jogging, by men. See Steve Sailer’s NYT: Here’s How to Politicize the Murder of Mollie Tibbetts—”Running While Female.”

In addition to the usual reports of this being done by an ”Athens Man,” there was another ”Running While Female” article by the Associated Press.

Conservative writer Mary Katharine Ham, who went to the University of Georgia, retorted:

The NY Post, which John Derbyshire likes to call ”America’s Newspaper Of Record,” has coverage. The Sheriff of the county where Athens is located ran on a platform of ”refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, a resurfaced interview shows.”

The Mayor of Athens, Kelly Girtz, has a ”sanctuary city” policy.

And an Athens-Clarke County Commissioner named Jesse Houle said this on Twitter:

You can email Houle, right, in fact you’ll have to, because he’s deleted his Twitter account—that’s a screenshot provided by Erick Erickson.

But let’s talk about Houle’s idea that Ibarra is ”an individual and not a representative of everyone with whom he shares an identity.”

Ibarra absolutely is representative of illegal immigrant rapists, South American rapists, mestizo rapists, or Venezuelan rapists, depending on what Houle means by ”an identity.” For that matter, Houle himself is representive of a type kind of mentally ill Democrat official—his pronouns, according to the Athens-Clarke County staff directory, are They/Them/Theirs.

As we’ve been pointing out long before Donald Trump announced his Presidential run in 2015 with the words—referring Mexican illegals and others coming through the Mexican border—”They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists.” 

Mexico is a much more rapey country than the U.S., and this is also true of Venezuela.

There are some highly civilized people in Venezuela, but that’s not who’s coming to El Norte via the Mexican border.

I assure that Hispanic males of the criminal class from countries like Venezuela, a place so violent that people can claim to be refugees from it, and where ”violence against women in Venezuela” has its own Wikipedia page, are more likely to commit rape and murder on a per capita basis than white frat boys at the University of Georgia.

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