Larry Kudlow's Pro-Open Borders Piece In RealClearPolitics—EVERY SINGLE COMMENT Is Hostile
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Larry Kudlow is shilling for Open Borders in RealClearPolitics—he's supposed to be a conservative, or at least a Republican, as are many of the people named below. (Emphasis added.) RealClearPolitics is aimed at a conservative audience.
Immigration Reform Is Pro-Growth and Pro-GOP

By Larry Kudlow  Comments

Tea-party activist Sal Russo offered an eye-opening remark this week. He said "Conservatives should be leaders in the immigration-reform movement." Then tax-reform activist Grover Norquist organized a media conference call, in which he reinforced his support of immigration reform. American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas joined in that call, as did Robert Gittelson, president of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

In recent days, support for legal status for undocumented immigrants was also voiced by Sen. Rand Paul, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — all GOP presidential contenders. [Blah blah blah]

You see the link where it says "Comments"? So far every single comment is hostile. What do think is likelihood of any of these presidential contenders getting Republicans to come out and vote for them?


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