Let's Match Switzerland!
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I’m delighted to share that we met the Matching Challenge from “6 Year Donor From South Carolina” in just a day and a half – and not only that, but several more individuals were so moved by his patriotic statements that they have stepped up to offer further challenges!

The next patriot Matching Challenger has offered $1,500 all the way from Switzerland.

VDARE.com’s mission regarding the National Question, while centered on immigration policy in the United States, is important for any country experiencing the pressures of globalism. The entire West is fighting the same fight, and Switzerland has a number of enlightened policies that we could all afford to adopt:

  • Switzerland does NOT have Birthright Citizenship.
  • Switzerland allows towns to approve or disapprove foreigners who apply for Swiss citizenship.
  • Citizenship is voted on by the residents of town where the alien lives, because the locals know the applicant as a neighbor more intimately than a bureaucracy ever can. There are cases of applications being denied because the immigrants are annoying, disrespectful of traditions, unfriendly or ignorant of local geography. Or simply because the town is full.
  • Part of the reason the Swiss are able to defend their country arises from an elegantly simple technique: Non-Swiss make up 20% of the population, some reportedly third generation residents. This is actually a much higher proportion than in the U.S. but they can’t vote.

It’s an inspiration! Or, as John Derbyshire once put it, why isn’t everywhere Switzerland?

Every donation that comes in starting now, will be doubled in value up to $1,500 thanks to our Swiss friend, who has been donating since 2013!

Donate today and help VDARE.com make the United States a little more like Switzerland, at least when it comes to immigration policy!

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