LISTEN To Matt Taibbi’s Devastating Essay On Democrats’ Election Coup Planning
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Last Friday I blogged about  Devastating Matt Taibbi Essay On Democrats’ 2024 Election Coup Planning—2020 Too dealing with Matt Taibbi’s remarkable essay Is the Electoral Fix Already In?, Racket News, January 26,2024. Taibbi public-spiritedly made this an open post.

The piece documented the extraordinarily extensive and unscrupulous preparations the Democrats have in hand to obviate any Trump victory—and also what they did in 2020.

Taibbi has, equally generously made an audio of his essay publicly available: Listen to This Article: Is the Electoral Fix Already In?  

Taibbi concludes:

Many who couldn’t stand Trump, would never vote for him … now need to face the fact that they’ve been had… “Protecting democracy” in the Trump context will be remembered as having served the same purpose as Saddam’s mythical WMDs, the shots fired in the Gulf of Tonkin, or Gaddafi’s fictional Viagra-enhanced army. Those were carefully crafted political lies, used to rally the public behind illegal campaigns of preemption.

Voters, by voting, “protect democracy.” A politician who claims to be doing the job for us is up to something. The group in the current White House is trying to steal for themselves a word that belongs to you. Don’t let them.

I concluded:

This is not happening because the Democrats are afraid of Trump. It is happening because they think they can get away with it.


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