Lydia Brimelow Says Halfway There! But We Need Your Help To Defend An American America!
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Lydia Brimelow

We are just about halfway through our Spring Appeal, and we very much need your help to get to the end.

Your gift is extremely important because, in our line of work, we can’t count on the Ford Foundations and the George Soroses of the world to line our coffers. All we have is you. (And if you have pockets Soros deep, what are you waiting for?!!)

Click here to donate now!’s mission is education on two main issues:
  • first, the unsustainability of current US immigration policy; and
  • second, the “National Question”—does the US have a future as a Nation-State, the political expression of a particular people
In short, we advocate for an American America.

We do this through the webzine and VDARE Books, public speaking, conferences, debates, webinars and media appearances. And we absolutely need your help to make it happen.

This year, our mission is being carried out in the following high-impact ways:

  1. On, we have posted 937 items so far this year (about 270 per month), in the form of articles, blogs and letters.
  • We unveiled a new program of developing interactive, shareable graphics to illustrate the serious and multifaceted impact that immigration has on our country.
  • While we have been publishing these numbers since 2003, but it is only now, thanks to you, that their full impact is as accessible through these illustrations, and your continued support is the only way we’ll be able to keep them up.
  1. In the publishing house, we are ramping up our production of books! Thanks to you, we have announced two new books this year (the 2013 Anthology, and From The Dissident Right II, a collection by John Derbyshire) and we have several more that I cannot wait to produce.
  • It is going to be a big year for the imprint—assuming we get the funding for it.
  1. On the ground, we’re stepping it up with at least one special event a month! Events like these are closed-to-the-public, donors-only affairs aimed at network development among our supporters, building support for our cause and really building a positive momentum toward patriotic immigration reform. (If you would like your name included on future invitation lists, and especially if you are interested in hosting a event, please let me know at


In the last ten days, about 175 of our supporters have pushed just over halfway to our $40,000 goal.

Now is the time for you to join our ranks with a donation.

Help us publish the facts. Help us build a movement. Help us today.

With Appreciation,

Lydia Brimelow

PS: Monthly giving is the best option for both and our supporters because it allows us to have a dependable base of support all through the year, as well as saving money in our fundraising budget. It provides predictable funding that allows us to plan and budget for our campaigns more effectively. For our supporters, it allows you to make a small monthly contribution and still play a major role in defending an American America.

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