Mark Steyn On The ”Bike Crash” (Anti-White Murder) We Missed In Month In The Death Of White America—Because The MSM Hid It
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Mark Steyn reports [Spirits of the Age,, September 18, 2023] on a killing we missed in our roundup of black-on-white murders in August. Kenn Gividen, who does these reports, say every month that

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of their stories. Email me here or here if you have tips.

This time it was the Las Vegas Review-Journal that was ”successful in suppressing” until after August was out.

Last month, The Las Vegas Review-Journal carried a sad little story about a man who’d died while out on a bicycle ride:

His daughter, Taylor Probst, got an alert from her dad’s Apple Watch indicating that the 64-year-old man had fallen. The 27-year-old and her mother, Crystal Probst, drove to the scene of the crash, only 3 miles from their home.

”I come from law enforcement as well in my younger days,” Crystal Probst said in an interview Friday. ”I was able to ascertain, there’s his bike, his helmet is way over there, his phone is way over there. I’m like, this is not good...”

Officers and firefighters told the women that Probst had been taken to University Medical Center.

They waited four hours there, asking everyone where their loved one was.

Finally, a representative from the Clark County coroner’s office told them Probst had passed.

”When they know somebody’s dead, and a family is sitting out in that lobby waiting, somebody needs to come out,” Crystal Probst said, angry at the delayed response.

So that’s how it was initially reported. As the characteristically somnolent monodaily’s original headline put it:

Retired police chief killed in bike crash remembered for laugh, love of coffee

Must have been a pretty bad ”crash”, huh? But just one of those things, compounded at the hospital by the usual bureaucratic heartlessness of modern life.

And then this video emerged:

The video, once you click through below (it’s blurred because it depicts violence) is of two black teens running down a white bicyclist, killing him:

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Steyn goes on to say

So two joyriders steal a car, hit another vehicle, and then decide to kill a bicyclist for kicks. ”Ready?” says the driver. ”Hit his ass,” responds the passenger. And they do—and whaddayaknow, killing a guy makes for a really cool video when you post it on ”social” media!

By the way, that lousy ”bike crash” headline remained on the Review-Journal story for a month—from the initial publication on August 18th all the way till Saturday September 16th, after twenty-four hours of widespread derision on the Internet. The paper has become defensive about its coverage, which we’ll return to later.

Steyn links to two other cases of ”teens” apparently deliberately killing cyclists, and notes that the international coverage of this case in Montreal and Germany displayed more of a nose for news than the Las Vegas Review Journal.  If an American journalist with a nose for news sites a black-on-white hate crime, he generally holds his nose:

Compare and contrast all the above with the hometown paper’s anodyne headline. Having remained silent through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the Review-Journal finally returned to the ”bike crash” today to defend its feeble, anaesthetizing coverage:

As the online firestorm evolved on Saturday, editors at the Review-Journal changed the headline of the article, removing the phrase ”bike crash” and replacing it with ”hit-and-run,” hoping the change would calm the online vitriol.

But that isn’t true either: it’s an act of murder—a vehicular homicide for which that guy in Charlottesville, Virginia is presently serving half-a-millennium.

Even more disturbingly, the paper revealed that its original ”reporter” (a ”hero”, according to the paper) had known about the cellphone footage for over a fortnight:

In fact, a source had contacted the Review-Journal about the existence of the video more than two weeks ago, and a reporter had instructed the caller on how to forward the video to Metropolitan Police Department detectives investigating the case.

They don’t want to know, and if they know, they don’t want to say. But as Steyn says, these anti-white killings are fueled by anti-white hate propaganda, which is rampant in American society:

This is your future.

Life’s pretty good, you’ve got a nice house in an agreeable subdivision in a non-criminal-infested part of town, you keep yourself in shape cycling around the fine municipal bike paths ... and then a couple of your more feral compatriots decide to get their jollies by killing you.

There’s going to be a lot more of this, absent a course correction in public discourse so profound it’s barely conceivable in today’s America. The logical endpoint of what we euphemize as ”identity politics” is the dehumanization of your fellow citizens—even on the comedy shows:

That’s a mainly white audience cheering its own eclipse. Which, to put it at its mildest, might strike some observers as psychologically unhealthy.

Yet it goes on round the clock. Given American education’s decline into an unending relitigation of an ever more remote past, are you really stunned that some people are willing to take it to the next level? It’s just the slightly more hardcore end of the same continuum as Ibram X Kendi’s lucrative racket, ”Critical Race Theory”, ”white fragility” in America, the awful ”Voice” referendum Down Under, the toppling of Sir John A Macdonald in Dominion Square in Montreal, and all the other bollocks of the continual 24/7 assault on, for better or worse, our shared inheritance. And, once it’s no longer shared, what’s left to hold society together in the bright new dawn of Year Zero?

So why be surprised that it seems to be advancing from Civil War statues to flesh-and-blood human beings?

The reference to Ibram X Kendi’s lucrative racket at the end is a link to VDARE, for which we thank Steyn.

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