NEW YORK TIMES Calls Exploited Asian Manicurists The “Ugly Side Of Nice Nails.” Actually, It’s The Ugly Side Of Mass Immigration
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The New York Times has its panties in a knot over the “ugly side of nice nails.” That’s the headline over its lengthy "investigation" of nail salon industry's exploitation of immigrant workers.

Perhaps it hadn’t occurred to the Times, but if the country had secure borders, the immigrants wouldn’t be here to get exploited. Here’s an idea: Send them home. Exploitation problem solved.

Beside that, there’s the health issue the Times doesn’t mention, although it has in the past. Asians who don’t much care for American health and safety standards run these places. Horror stories about nail fungi and even hepatitis are legion.

How about a report connecting immigrant manicure tycoons and their filthy salons to those diseases?

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