Now More Than Ever—April Immigration Prophet John Derbyshire Needs Your Help!
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow, pictured above with John Derbyshire writes: I consider John Derbyshire to be one of two authentic geniuses (genii?) we’ve worked with here at He’s host of one of our most popular features here at, the weekly podcast Radio Derb, and also produces an astounding flow of articles and blogs.

Derb is on my April Immigration Patriot Prophet List because, after some years during which he was one of the few voices of immigration intelligence left at NATIONAL REVIEW after Bill Buckley purged it of immigration patriots, he was fired in a panic. Threats had been lobbied from a Politically Correct lynch mob because Derb had published a seminal article in another publication about the costs of diversity. With typical hypocrisy, NATIONAL REVIEW is now whining because another of its alumni, Kevin D. Williamson, has just been fired from THE ATLANTIC i.e. the Politically Correct lynch mob is now coming for cuckservatives too.

I take great pleasure from the fact that was able to offer John Derbyshire a home after his disgraceful treatment. But, of course, we can only do so because of your generous support.

Last weekend was the sixth anniversary of my getting dropped by National Review for having published some commonplace observations about race in the U.S.A. at a different outlet.

Every year at this time I get prompts from readers to mark the anniversary somehow. While of course eager to satisfy readers’ wishes, and keen to demonstrate my commentarial prowess at being able to turn out a thousand words on anything at all, I generally pass on the opportunity.

For one thing it seems kind of whiny, and I don’t like whiners. I strive to be a good Confucian, neither raising complaints against Heaven nor nursing resentments against men. [Analects 14:35.]

For another, I honestly never thought it was a big deal. I started freelance journalism while the old, louche Fleet Street ethos still dominated the British press. People got fired and re-hired all the time: the late Jeffrey Bernard, for example, who was dropped by The Sporting Life “for a multitude of transgressions, all of them featuring the consumption of brutal quantities of drink.” [The Last Ever Jeffrey Bernard Anecdote by Mike Molloy; The Guardian, June 14th 2005.] Fleet Street journalists regarded their U.S. counterparts as prissy earnest bores who took themselves, and their work, much too seriously.

(My cousin Janet married Len Sandys, an old Fleet Street hand who had actually worked for The Sporting Life, as well as other London papers, so I’d heard a good stock of colorful stories about the Street even before making personal acquaintance with it.)

I did stir myself last year to mark the quinquennial of my defenestration from NR, but only with some short, vague remarks about the drift of our Cultural Revolution.

This year I shall try to do better. The dropping of Kevin Williamson by The Atlantic has brought to the fore the issue of writers who express serious dissent from CultMarx orthodoxy.

Also, the Cultural Revolution has made major advances in the last twelve months. The silencing of dissident voices (“hate speech”) has become commonplace. We at have experienced this at first hand.

  • Our Amazon account was deleted, so we can no longer get a referral fee when you buy the books we review.
  • Our PayPal account was cancelled without notice.
  • Google Ads cancelled us on ideological grounds.
  • Conferences in California, Colorado, and Arizona, have all been cancelled by the hotel owners, in one case after the local government said that the police would not protect us against rioters.
Alexander Hamilton famously argued for energy in the Executive. Press manipulation of the police-assisted Antifa riot at Charlottesville last summer gave a major boost to energy in the Resistance. They have recruited to their cause, with no visible difficulty, all the major corporations that dominate today’s public forum: Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, … Day by day, month by month, it is more and more difficult for heterodox opinions to make themselves heard.

Arguing for patriotic immigration reform and for frank, honest discussion of issues related to the National Question is now apparently “hate speech,” even when expressed in a calm diction by thoughtful, well-educated types like us here at Doing what we do is more difficult now than it was a year ago.

Please help us to keep on doing it. Your support means more now than ever. Thank you!

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