One Old Vet Daily Amnesty News Summary: 23 stories (Drudge 1)
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H/T One Old Vet

Today’s One Old Vet compendium of Amnesty News stories numbers 23. Besides this, several others are carried separately. (Unfortunately, OOV is slow today, hopefully because of traffic.)

The Drudge Report actually has one (1), possibly smuggled in by a subeditor because it could be presented as part of the ongoing Drudge war on DHS Secretary Napolitano. Headlined "Senate plan would give Big Sis final say on border security…" this links to Senate plan would give Napolitano the final say on border security By Alexander Bolton The Hill 02/02/13. 

The story confirms Senator Schumer’s contradiction of Marco Rubio on the question without noting that this makes Rubio appear either a fool or a liar, which is of course the key political news point.

No doubt this protection of the GOP Establishment’s Hispanic hero is what the Drudge deal calls for.

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