Pakistan: Exporter Of People To The World
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From the UN’s World Population Prospects 2022:

It is estimated that ten countries experienced a net outflow of more than 1 million migrants between 2010 and 2021. In many of these countries, these outflows were due to temporary labour movements, such as for Pakistan (net outflow of -16.5 million during 2010-2021), India (-3.5 million), Bangladesh (-2.9 million), Nepal (-1.6 million) and Sri Lanka (-1 million). In other countries, including Syrian Arab Republic (-4.6 million), Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (-4.8 million), and Myanmar (-1 million), insecurity and conflicts have driven the net outflow of migrants over the decade.

If true, that 16.5 million net outflow from Pakistan over the last dozen years is a huge number. (But the Wikipedia article on Overseas Pakistanis claims there are only 8.8 million in total abroad.)

Nonetheless, the UN predicts Pakistan will grow from 234 million in 2022 to 366 million in 2050.

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