Poll Shows Huge, Trans-Racial Support For Trump On Voter Fraud Too
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Even National Cuckview is willing to break with the MSM consensus and admit Donald Trump is correct to say voter fraud is a problem: Media Are Flat Wrong to Dismiss Voter-Fraud Concerns| They should talk to Chris Matthews and travel to Philly (by John Fund, August 14, 2016). Now the Gallup Poll confirms: Four in Five Americans Support Voter ID Laws, Early Voting (by Justin McCarthy, August 22 2016). Gallup comments:

Though many of the arguments for early voting and against voter ID laws frequently cite minorities' voting access, nonwhites' views of the two policies don't differ markedly from those of whites. Seventy-seven percent of nonwhites favor both policies, while whites favor each at 81%.

[Emphasis added].

Clearly, Voter ID, like a Muslim immigration ban, is an issue where the Lying Press has not been able to cow Americans.

Trump should campaign on both.

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