Race Gap In Bar Exam Passage Rates Widens, So Let's Get Rid Of The LSAT!
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From Reuters:

May 3, 2022
The racial gap in bar exam pass rates got worse in 2021
By Karen Sloan


ABA data show the disparity in first-time pass rates between white and Black law grads grew to 24 percentage points in 2021

That’s among the reasons to rethink how attorneys are licensed, reformers say
May 2 (Reuters) – New data from the American Bar Association highlighting racial disparities in bar exam pass rates could add fuel to ongoing debates over the fairness of the attorney licensing test and whether it should be reformed.

Also from Reuters:

May 6, 2022
End of the LSAT? Law school entry test is on the chopping block again
By Karen Sloan

The ABA this month will consider a proposal to eliminate its standardized testing requirement for law school admissions

A similar effort in 2018 failed after last-minute opposition

(Reuters) – The American Bar Association is once again considering dropping its requirement that law schools use the Law School Admission Test—or any standardized test—when weighing student applications.

Getting rid of the LSAT to get into law school isn’t going to narrow the race gap in passing the bar exam 3 years later.

The single most important thing lawyers do—write contracts—is a sort of late medieval form of computer programming. You need to understand the specifications and perceive what your contract will cause to happen and what could go wrong. As in computer coding, IQ is very valuable in contract coding.

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