Radio Derb Transcript For March 24 Up: Neil Gorsuch And The Unbalanced Court, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for March 24 is up—go here to read or listen. Sample:

Judge Neil Gorsuch looks set fair to be approved as President Trump's first Supreme Court justice, very much to be hoped not the last.

As usual at hearings for senior judiciary nominees, Gorsuch was circumspect about how he might rule on controversial issues. On abortion, for example, the most he would reveal was, quote: "Precedent is like our shared family history of judges. It deserves our respect." Since precedent here means the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, Gorsuch seemed to be signaling that he would let it stand.

The irksome thing here is the degree to which the left runs the show and sets the parameters. If you imagine a left-right scale of judicial opinion, calibrated with views like's at positive ten and someone like, oh, Rachel Maddow at negative ten, then the late Antonin Scalia was a positive five, Samuel Alito is a positive two, and John Roberts is a positive one. On this scale Gorsuch looks like another positive one, maybe positive one point five.

Meanwhile we have Ruth Bader Ginsburg as negative five, Elena Kagan at negative seven, and the Wise Latina at negative twenty-nine. It's just so unbalanced.

Well, let's be grateful for small mercies. I predict much cucking from Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch; but at least he's not a Hillary Clinton appointee.

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