Radio Derb Transcript Up For December 30: Malice Or Stupidity, Oh, Canada!, NHS/DEI, Brexit Fiasco, And Heart Of Darkness, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for December 30, 2022—go here to read or listen.

03:02  Malice or stupidity?  (What’s up with our ruling class?)

14:44  Oh, Canada!  (It’s worse up there.)

21:56  The great Brexit fiasco.  (Jellyfish in charge.)

29:19  Remembering a brave dissident.  (Happy birthday, Dr. Wang!)

36.17  Heart of Darkness.  (The scramble for Africa.)

43:44  The Derbyshire mystery.  (No, the other one.)

46:36  DEI strikes the NHS.  (OMG!)

48:16  Hummers for Jammeh.  (And a ”The" violation, grrr.)

51:23  Signoff.  (With Peter Dawson.) 

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