Radio Derb Transcript Up For February 16: A Special Election, Seeking Asylum… From Bukele? Riding The Woke Rails In England, And Diverse Worship, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for February 16, 2024. Go here to read or listen.

00:54  A special election.  (New York 3rd votes.)

16:08  Seeking asylum (from Bukele?)

26:46  Riding the woke rails.  (”O the Suffragette Line …")

33:20  Diverse worship. (Christianity is hate speech.)

36:58  Solving the servant problem.  (Back to 1954.)

39:00  Homes for heroes?  (No, for illegals.)

39:57  The original football. (Still played.)

42:17  Tony Manero turns 70.  (My longest review.)

43:38  Signoff.  (With Ella.)

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