Radio Derb Transcript Up For Jan 20: Race Problem Metastasizes, Justice v. Order, Votes For Illegals, And Hoist By Their Own Petards, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up for January 20, 2023—go here to read or listen.

05:14  Calendrical observations.  (Lunar and solar.)

09:32  MLK, the unwelcome reminder.  (What causes earthquakes?)

16:36  The race problem metastasizes.  (White supremacy? Not in wealth.)

21:35  A movie sex goddess departs.  (Shakespeare’s words of comfort.)

24:56  Anarcho-what?  (Progressivism from NY to NZ.) 

31:06  Justice v. order.  (Salvadorans choose.)

34:29  Votes for illegals.  (Our nation’s joke capital.)

36:19  New frontiers in offense archeology.  (Nick Bostrom’s thoughtcrime.)

37:48  A name to love.  (Not the lady, just the name.)

39:18  Hoist by their own petards.  (Sanctuary city mayors whine.)

42:02  Signoff.  (With Handel.)

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