Radio Derb Transcript Up For June 28: Trump-Biden Debate, 18 Weeks Of Electoral Fun, Rock Of (Old) Ages, And The Swamp Is Right To Fear, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for June 28 is up—go here to read or listen.

01:14  Trump-Biden debate.  (Form over content.)

10:30  Eighteen weeks of fun.  (Debate consequences.)

17:21  Rock of ages. (Steve, Derb, and the Outer Right.)

26:24  The rational Swamp.  (Making sense of TDS.)

32:25  The Resolve Tibet Act.  (ChiComs fail history.)

35:28  A new Farage.  (Congratulations, Nigel!)

36:10  Attack of the theobots.  (What’s wrong with X?)

37:01  Hednesford makes news.  (First time ever?)

38:06  Signoff. (For graduation.)

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