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It has long been my opinion that the Irish Savant is one of the most intellectually incisive and articulate bloggers out there. Consider the remarks I quoted in Must Read: THE IRISH SAVANT on John McCain

Ode To Joy

What's that creaking sound I hear? Why it's the Gates Of Hell opening up to receive a prized new entry. Yes, John McCain has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and, all going well, will die in agony some time over the next few months…why not wish the very worst on the very worst of psychopaths? And that's what McCain is. A depraved, malevolent, degenerate, lying sack of shit.

Or (with ghastly relevance considering the resurrection of Senator Mitt Romney) The Irish Savant Asks Key Romney Question. Patrick Cleburne Proposes Answer. Savant wrote of Romney:

…the stupidest thing imaginable has been his pandering and grovelling to the black ‘community’…Does he not realise that no matter what he does he won’t get more than a miniscule fraction of the black vote? Surely he must know this? And by his pandering he’s turning off large numbers of white Americans who are s*** sick of being on the receiving – and paying – end of the whole racist shakedown for decades.

… personally I believe that I'd not bother voting were the choice to lie between Obama and a Romney who would sustain the anti-White environment that now prevails.


However don’t bother to click on any of the IS links. The Blogger software has shut Irish Savant down.

Happily he is back up (for the moment) at  The wonderful archive may have been lost.

In one of his first posts on the new service Savant reported:

I’ll give you one example of the span and depth of Big Tech’s control. When I was in the process of drafting a post a message flashed up to say that this draft would not be published. Can you believe that? They’re watching us as we write!

I did not link often enough to IS in its first incarnation, partly because it sickens me so much to read about what the Left Intelligentsia has done to his beautiful country.

I will do better.

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