Sam Dickson On Deep State Attack On Patriot Front's 1A Rights
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Earlier: Sam Dickson’s Statement To Charlottesville Inquiry: “The Police Were Acting Under Orders. WHO GAVE THOSE ORDERS?”

Take a look at this:

Cops bust 31 hate group members near LGBTQ pride event, NY Post, June 14, 2022

This organization is not even racially aware. It's a civic nationalist organization. It's ridiculous even for a hit organization with little credibility like the SPLC to call this a "hate group."

The group has staged counter protests all over America using the same means that these guys were using:

  1. Renting a U-Haul and putting the entire group into one vehicle the license plate of which would be of no use to the Antifa;
  2. Wearing masks so as to avoid doxing by Antifa and the Antifa-fawning System Media. Antifa almost invariably wears masks. The authorities all over America—probably at the instance of the FBI—hardly ever enforce the anti-mask laws against them and the System Media gives the Antifa a pass, just as they do when Antifa and its related minority racist, leftist support groups carry guns to public meetings. You don't see remarks about the guns in System reporting on events where these people show up armed. Such conduct is only mentioned when someone opposed to Antifa carries a gun.

These boys haven't even been charged with a crime...until now by these photo-hungry authorities and cops in Idaho seeking System Media and FBI/ Deep State approval.

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Note the false statement reiterated throughout the article that the accused wore shirts with "Conquerors on thieves." In fact, as the photos show if you look carefully (which most readers won't do) one of the guys wore a shirt with "Conquerors not thieves." Dropping the "t" on the end of "not" and reversing the letters "o" and "n" raises a vague suggestion that the motto meant violence toward the gay demonstrators. Not a very clear charge but the best the presstitutes could fashion.

(The “Conquerors Not Thieves” t-shirt is commercially available and is intended as a protest against the American Indian  complaint of “stolen land.”)

Similarly, the "sticks" the presstitutes say the boys were carrying are actually flagpoles with which they usually fly the Yankee flag in their demonstrations.

Even in the unlikely event that these young folks are acquitted despite jury pressure, System Media jury tainting and judges who act as a part of the prosecutorial team, the arrests will bear fruit for our enemies, to wit:

  1. All these guys will be doxxed by Antifa. Their names, home addresses, employers and photographs will be accessed by Antifa. As a result many of them will lose their jobs, be financially ruined and be subjected to Antifa threats and instigation of crimes by having their neighborhoods pamphleted (as I have experienced) with cleverly worded inferences that they should be subjected to criminal attacks to punish them for their "fascism."
  2. They will all incur heavy attorney's fees in their efforts to defend themselves against this System railroading. They will also incur expenses of travel to and from Idaho.

Welcome to the nation "with liberty and justice for all."

The most supremely hypocritical nation on earth.



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