SINES V. KESSLER: The First Amendment No Longer Applies To Whites
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Today’s verdict in the landmark Sines v. Kessler Unite the Right litigation marks one of the most monumental miscarriages of justice in American history. This is not an overstatement—this decision has massive ramifications for the civil rights of white Americans.

The entire case was a travesty, egregiously conducted and frivolously brought. It should never have survived past the motion to dismiss.

The jury found for the plaintiffs—whose spurious claims of “injury” would ordinarily have resulted in the dismissal of the case—on all but two of their claims, in the combined total amount of over $25 million.

The two claims which resulted in a deadlock involved conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence in violation of federal law. The plaintiffs’ lead attorney, the vile Roberta Kaplan, has already vowed to continue pursuing them.

It is important to keep in mind that the plaintiffs’ express purpose in bringing this absurd lawsuit was to bankrupt the organizers of Unite the Right, or, as the Times Of Israel put it, to “break the back of the violent white nationalist movement” and to “deprive supremacist groups of free speech protections by proving incitement to violence, and deter them with massive financial penalties in a civil suit.” [Jewish lawyer wants to break the back of the violent white nationalist movement, by Ron Kampeas, Times Of Israel, July 4, 2019].

The plaintiffs have celebrated this verdict as a triumph over “the forces of violent hate that threaten our communities and our democracy.”

 In reality, this is yet another example of the anti-white billionaire class stomping its boot on the ordinary white working man’s face.

The financial disparity between the plaintiffs and the defendants was vast. As Glen Allen of the Free Expression Foundation explained:

Three large New York City law firms and 38 lawyers, led by Roberta Kaplan, entered appearances for the plaintiffs.  These three law firms comprised over 1300 lawyers altogether and had income in 2020 of approximately $1.9 billion.  Moreover, Ms. Kaplan was able to fundraise an amount probably in excess of $25 million to pay for the litigation, a staggering sum by any reckoning but especially so given that many of the plaintiffs’ law firms offered their services pro bono.

The defendants, by stark contrast, have encountered huge obstacles to obtaining adequate representation.  First, given hostile media accounts, antifa threats, and the defendants’ unpopular ideology or perceived ideology, few lawyers would even consider representing them. …Second, even if the defendants could find willing counsel, in most cases they could not pay the high legal costs the plaintiffs intended to impose, and did impose, by their scorched earth litigation.  Few defendants had significant wealth and most found their ability to raise money through crowdfunding or other donation paths restricted or cut off by deplatforming, media hostility, and antifa harassment.  As this case has at last, after three years, reached trial, most of the original 25 defendants have defaulted or are representing themselves [The Sines v. Kessler Lawfare Litigation: A National and Historic Disgrace,, November 19, 2021].

What this verdict means is that white Americans have effectively lost their First Amendment right of assembly.

The precedent this sets: from now on, if white Americans dare to exercise their right to assemble and protest for the redress of their grievances in our increasingly anti-white country, Leftist authorities can engineer mayhem (as they did in Charlottesville) and then use private civil plaintiffs to levy astronomical damages against the organizers, for the sole purpose of bankrupting said organizers.

In other words, this verdict, the Crown Jewel of all Leftist lawfare to date, will be used as a weapon to prevent any white Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights and organizing protests to defend their rights, their heritage, their very humanity.

If any violence or other “injury” or “damage” occurs at a protest, even “emotional,” by any party and for any reason, the organizers can now be held liable—clearly incentivizing Leftist paramilitary organizations like Antifa and BLM to attack future white civil rights rallies—and, of course, incentivizing Leftist jurisdictions to order law enforcement authorities to stand down or actively incite violence, as the City of Charlottesville did in 2017.

Of course, the Sines v. Kessler verdict will be used forthwith against Republicans and their voters. But, as ever, the Republican Party and its media organs have tossed white Americans to the ravening wolves, afraid to defend the Constitution or the victims of Leftist lawfare for fear of associating themselves, however indirectly, with Political Incorrectness.

Let this sink in: The First Amendment no longer applies to whites.

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