Skilled Workers Flee Germany, Replaced With Unemployable Migrants
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Automation in Germany is removing the need for many low skilled jobs. Economists are concluding that many of the "Syrian" migrants Angela Merkel has invited into Germany are essentially worthless from the standpoint of productivity.  And now, the final blow to what used to be the homeland for the German people as skilled workers and ordinary German citizens are fleeing the country from what is rapidly becoming a Third World nation.
  • More than 1.5 million Germans, many of them highly educated, left Germany during the past decade. — Die Welt.
  • Germany is facing a spike in migrant crime, including an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Mass migration is also accelerating the Islamization of Germany. Many Germans appear to be losing hope about the future direction of their country.
  • "We refugees... do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. And please take Saxony and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) with you.... Why do you not go to another country? We are sick of you!" — Aras Bacho an 18-year-old Syrian migrant, in Der Freitag, October 2016.
  • A real estate agent in a town near Lake Balaton, a popular tourist destination in western Hungary, said that 80% of the Germans relocating there cite the migration crisis as the main reason for their desire to leave Germany.[Germans Leaving Germany 'In Droves,' by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, October 20, 2016]
From the standpoint of avoiding Enoch Powell's "preventable evils," Angela Merkel's decision to import hundreds of thousands of young, unemployable, and potentially violent Muslim males ranks as one of the worst decisions in human history. She may have literally destroyed her entire country forever.

However, that may have been the point. As the evidence continues to roll in, it is increasingly difficult to pretend that national leaders who support mass immigration are simply misguided or too ignorant to understand the consequences of their policy. In the German government particularly, there seems to be a real hatred for the German people and an open desire to drive them into extinction. The situation has become so bad that even the migrants Merkel has invited is sick of the open borders status quo.

Last year Germany welcomed 1.1 million people alone but millions more have flooded into the country over the past five years.

Now foreign nationals who have lived in the country have expressed their concerns about the impact it is having on their standard of living..

Another individual who said he had been in the country for two decades said the city is changing dramatically.

He said: “I’ve had my market here for 20 years.

"It used to be good people around here that bought my goods.

"But now, no one buys anything any more…

"The Germans all moved away."

“Now there’s only refugees and foreigners here.”

['It's become terrible around here': MIGRANTS call for Merkel to deport MIGRANTS, by Siobhan McFadyen, Express, October 20, 2016]

Another man said:

"If I were a German mayor, the mayor of Berlin, I swear to you… When these foreigners steal something — even if it’s small — deport them. Immediately.

"But they always ramble about a ‘free country’ and ‘democratic’. What the hell does that even mean?”

As near as I can tell, it means that citizens have no rights, that pro-German parties can be banned, that speech against mass immigration gets you arrested, and that most of the decisions are made by unelected bureaucrats who hate you.

In the age of mass immigration, the main purpose of political action is to seek an escape from the consequences of your rulers' virtue signaling. Those nations that will prosper, like those in Eastern Europe, are those who close their borders and so will survive the demographic deluge that is coming. But as the results of this disastrous mass migration become more and more apparent, it's no longer possible to believe those who say things like "mass immigration is good for the economy" are arguing in good faith. This is a deliberate policy to destroy Western nations. And so we have to confront the horrifying possibility Merkel's policy is, from her point of view, not a dismal failure, but a glorious success.

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