Steve Sailer Right Again! Althea Bernstein Blood Libel Rejected By Police, Feds: "No Evidence Biracial Madison Woman Was Attacked"
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Earlier: “Black Lives Matter” Is A BLOOD LIBEL Against White America. Here’s Why

The Althea Bernstein case has   been debunked by both local and Federal investigators. Via Instapundit, whose comment is "THE DEMAND FOR RACIAL HATE CRIMES EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY" this story from the local press:

 “There had been questions about the veracity of the woman’s report because, unlike in other crimes that occur Downtown, police never released video stills of the incident or possible suspects in attempt to find the perpetrators. Very little of the public parts of Downtown are hidden from dozens of city-owned cameras and other private surveillance cameras police have access to.”

Police, federal law enforcement find no evidence biracial Madison woman was attacked, by Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal, October 2, 2020

Instapundit commented

Also, the woman, Althea Bernstein, looks about as black as Rachel Dolezal. Not saying that she isn’t really biracial, but she doesn’t seem like someone who’d be targeted by someone out to get a black person.

This is an important point.  Althea Bernstein knows she's biracial, she thinks about it all the time, she gave speeches about it rallies, but as with Meghan Markle and many other pale "black" people, you can't tell by looking at her. How would a racist know to attack her?

Below, all our coverage of the Althea Bernstein Hate Hoax/Blood Libel. The earliest is Steve Sailer's June 26, 2020 piece asking Will the MSM Go All in on the Althea Bernstein Hate Crime Story Out of Madison? Ann Coulter took notice of it on Bastille Day as the kind of false rumor that starts riots. And royalty, unbelievably, got involved. Steve Sailer suggested that she may have been with people who committed a BLM inspired firebombing, and got caught in the backblast. The Wisconsin State Journal also suggests that, and notes the Bernstein family is saying nothing:

Bernstein's family said in a statement that it appreciated "the detailed investigative efforts by all involved in this case," asked for privacy and said it would not be granting interviews.

"Althea's injuries are healing and the support of our community has been invaluable in that regard," they said.


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