Sudden Jihad Syndrome In Utah Confirmed
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On February 14, Brenda Walker wrote

An off-duty policeman shot and killed 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic, so his motivations may never be known. But there is no doubt he went to the mall prepared to kill as many people as possible.[Refugee Rampage in Salt Lake]

I see that Srdja Trifkovic wrote a month later in Chronicles that we more or less do know his motivation now.

Utah Shootings: Yet Another Case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, After All

Five weeks after the shooting spree by a 19-year old Bosnian Muslim, Sulejman Talovic, left five people dead and four wounded in a Salt Lake City shopping mall, the authorities claim to be clueless about his motives. The mainstream media, as our readers may recall, were quick to blame the Serbs for Talovic’s alleged early-childhood traumas that supposedly caused him to crack. (They even interviewed a Bosnian jihadi veteran to make that point.) From what we now know about the case, however, it appears that the rampage in Utah was yet another “lone wolf” attack by a Muslim-as-Muslim—in other words, yet another outbreak of the deadly sudden jihad syndrome (SJS) that is erupting across America with increasing regularity.

There's a lot more,(Read The Whole Thing) but it's pretty clear that the late Sulejman Talovic was motivated by a desire to kill any non-Muslims handy.

It amazes me that the press and the authorities keep trying for alternative explanations to Sudden Jihad Syndrome. I'll mention just two: Pim Fortuyn's killer was long said to be an animal rights nut, reacting to a side issue in the Fortuyn campaign.

It turns out that when he spoke in court, a year later, he was actually an immigration rights nut, who'd killed Fortuyn because the repeated demonization of immigration restrictionists led him to believe that Fortuyn was a theat to "Weaker groups in society."

That's not only evil, it's stupid. Moslems are a stronger group in Dutch society.

But apparently, the Dutch police didn't want to say that he'd killed in the cause of Open Borders.

The same mindless searching for alternatives to Islam as the motive for the killings appeared in the Hadayet case in 2002, in which a Muslim immigrant entrepreneur shot up the El Al counter at the Los Angeles International airport. Typical headlines included.

FBI still searching for motive in LA airport shooting By Sandra Marquez, The Associated Press (07-08-02) Egyptian's motives in LAX shooting still a mystery,, July 6, 2002

Morons. Nine months later, the FBI finally admitted that it was Islamic terrorism. Did I say two? I just remembered another one, almost ten years old.

GAZA CITY - Ali Abu Kamal's relatives say they are tired of lying about why the Palestinian opened fire on the observation deck of Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before committing suicide.

The New York Times reported that there had been no suspected political inkage.Riehl World View: Ali Abu Kamal's Attack Was Terrorism


The bottom line is that when a Muslim kills people because he's a Muslim, both the press and police don't want to say so.


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