The Camp Of The Saints Is About To Go Prime-Time: "African Exodus Of Biblical Proportions Impossible To Stop"
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Camp of the Saints is the Frenchman Jean Raspail's dystopian novel (1973) about the Third World's legions of the poor-and-desperate imposing themselves en masse on the West.  I considered the book, when I finally learned of it from The Atlantic in 1994 and then read it [PDF] to be an utterly obvious scenario.  But innumerate people (that's probably most people) have long been horrified by the scenario when it's suggested to them—well, it is horrific—and by its implications.  Especially the implications.

Raspail's preface to the 3rd edition (1985) concludes with the following:

I am a novelist. I have no theory, no system nor ideology to propose or defend. It just seems to me that we are facing a unique alternative: either learn the resigned courage of being poor or find again the inflexible courage to be rich. In both cases, so-called Christian charity will prove itself powerless. The times will be cruel.[PDF]
Yes, they will.

So here's today's article about the Camp of the Saints being about to materialize in full scope:

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