The National Association Of Scholars Soldiers On
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On Steve’s TakiMag article this morning—which, by the way, is prime Steve, first-class social insight—commenter “AngloBilly” has this to say in regard to pushing back against the hate-straight-pale-males Narrative:
There are some helpful organizations out there for people who are troubled by the directions our country is going, and which you can become active in. When I worked in academia, I was active in a group called the National Association of Scholars, which fought PC, and also served as a way to meet like-minded people. At that time, in the early-or-mid 90’s, it was a fairly small group, but I’m guessing that it’s grown. Sometimes our local meetings were mainly bitch-sessions, but it was still valuable just to connect with non-PC people, who were obviously a rarity in academia. At least those who were admittedly non-PC were extremely rare.
I am glad to tell AngloBilly that the National Association of Scholars soldiers on, doing good work on behalf of common sense and traditional culture in the place where in needs doing most:  the academy.

Matter of fact, I have a book review in the current issue of their quarterly journal, Academic Questions.  You need to subscribe via NAS, but it’s a modest amount ($75 a year for faculty and non-academics, only $35 for students and retirees) and the organization is well worth supporting.

If you look through the contributor lists you will see many names you’ll recall from as contributors or the subjects of sympathetic reviews:  Princeton Prof. Russell Nieli, for example, whose 2013 book Wounds That Will Not Heal I reviewed here when it came out.  Prof. Nieli has a review essay in the current issue of AQ.

We moles are out there, burrowing away under the foundations of the Narrative.  I don't guarantee we can bring down the structure; but if we can weaken it some, the work is worth doing.

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