The Nobel Prize for Political Correctness...
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...goes to the Rockland, NY, Journal News, []which recently published an editorial on kindness and consideration for illegal aliens.

Their reason for doing this? A woman named Mary Nagle was raped and murdered. An illegal alien, Ronald Douglas Herrera Castellanos, has been charged with the murder. The editor's instinct is not to protect the citizens from the illegal immigrants, but to protect the illegals. These are excerpts, you can read the whole thing at the link.

All day laborers are not illegal. All illegal immigrants are not dangerous criminals. Most humans are decent; some are evil.

You would think no newspaper would have to restate these basic precepts, yet we find ourselves doing just that in the stereotyped (but limited, we hope) prejudice we have observed in the aftermath of the tragic New City murder.

American history is replete with stereotyping, that which has brought lynching, sent Native Americans to reservations to be forgotten and caused city neighborhoods to deteriorate in resident flight. Always, the danger in such woeful ignorance is that the innocent can and do get hurt or killed.

"Resident flight" is good, a new one on me. I assume they mean white flight, and think it was caused by imaginary fears rather than real, violent attacks committed by minorities. And the "innocent" are illegal aliens.

All Rockland must show its better side, its caring side, by not jumping to conclusions and feeding prejudice. That the accused in the Mary Nagle murder is an illegal alien does not make all illegal aliens killers or criminals.

Aargh. Yes, not all illegals are killers. No, all illegals are criminals.

Being 'decently human'

One letter-writer says that The Journal News is "poisoned by political correctness" in the illegal, immigration matter and how it relates to the death of a Rocklander. No, we are not "political" about this, but, we hope, decently human.

We hope for the sake of humanity that we are correct in again saying that illegal immigration had nothing to do with this killing. It was committed by a sick individual who could have had any background.

Could have had any background, but what about the odds? US Murder rate: 7 per 100,000. Mexican Murder Rate: An "eyepopping 17.5."

Mexico is a high-crime country. It's not Switzerland.

And the illegals who come north from Mexico are not Mexico's best and brightest. They are, at best, working men who can't earn a decent living in Mexico. At worst, they're a new criminal class.

Seek full justice in this murder, yes. Justice against a terrible killer who took a good woman, wife and mother. Reform the immigration system, yes. But do not spit on the innocent. That is lynching, too. ( Do not 'lynch by thought')May 11, 2005

No it's not. Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration's link to crime, and the government's failure to protect it's citizens are not at all the same as murdering mob.

If you're looking for extra-judicial violence, riots, and murders, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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