Three Memorial Parks For Emmett Till—Like The Stations Of The Cross
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Are you tired of hearing about statues and monuments being pulled down? Don’t despair: there are new ones going up to replace them.

Here’s one, sort of: a monument to Emmett Till, announced Tuesday this week by President Biden at a special ceremony.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you who Emmett Till was. If you read any news outlets at all, you by now know Emmett Till’s life story better than you know your own.

There is already a statue to Till: nine feet tall and made of bronze, unveiled last October in Greenwood, Mississippi.

So what is this new monument? It’s not a statue: it’s three little memorial parks, total five acres, in three separate sites that mark critical points in the Till story. Think Stations of the Cross.

The sites will be managed by the National Park Service.

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