Tomatoes, Agribusiness Style
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If you're wondering what D. A. King's Tomato-blogging, below has to do with immigration, it's this.

The Open Borders Lobby insists, repeatedly, that if mass, low wage immigration isn't allowed, you won't be able to buy a tomato, (or lettuce, or strawberries)for a price you can afford.

But all Americans are paying a price for higher immigration. For example, while growers in California are making money by hiring cheap illegal pickers, 84 hospitals have closed in California.

There are a number of solutions to the produce problem, one of which is to grow your own tomatoes, another is to pay more money for individually picked tomatoes, or for that matter, stick to canned tomatoes.

Most people don't realize that the tomatoes you get in a can, or in ketchup, are picked by machinery, a problem that was solved years ago, as result of the end of the Bracero program.

So congratulations to gardeners who are eating there own produce, and condemnation to the agricultural interests that say they can't make it without illegal labor.

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