Trump Needs To Stop Listening To Conservatism, Inc. On Aubery And Trust His Instincts
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With the Brunswick Hoax growing in intensity, thanks to a corporate media willing to amplify the ultra-rare (perceived) white-on-black murder, President Trump has unfortunately jumped into the fray and made comments he would never have made during the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown fiascos of 2012/2014.

He said:

President Donald Trump said he is "very disturbed" by the video showing the killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.

Arbery was hit by three shotgun blasts, according to an autopsy report released Monday by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. One shot grazed his right wrist, and the other two struck him in the chest. Blood tests for various drugs and alcohol all came back negative.

"I saw the picture of him in his tuxedo, it was so beautiful. I mean he looks like a wonderful young guy," Trump said Monday during a White House briefing.

"You have a lot of people looking at it and hopefully an answer is going to be arrived at very quickly. But it's something that is heartbreaking," Trump said. [Trump 'very disturbed' by video of Ahmaud Arbery killing,, May 11, 2020]

This comment is almost indistinguishable from what the gatekeepers at Conservative Inc. have said about the incident. Writing at American Renaissance, Robert Hampton notes:

We don’t need a trial. The two white men who shot Ahmaud Arbery are murderers. Just ask some of America’s leading conservative pundits.

We don’t know all the facts — and as Jared Taylor has pointed out, some are exculpatory — but that doesn’t stop Democrats and mainstream media from assuring us that George and Travis McMichaels are guilty. Many “conservatives” agree.

Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh tweeted this on Wednesday: “The man was going for a jog and three white guys chased him down and shot him dead. The murderers still haven’t been arrested. Outrageous. This is clearcut first degree murder and the killers should all get lethal injections.”

He later confessed it was a stupid tweet, but Mr. Walsh loves to pound his chest about bad white people. After the El Paso shooting, he said white nationalists are complicit in terrorism. His boss Ben Shapiro said the white shooters deserve murder charges and tweeted out three articles that said the same thing. All three were from “conservatives.”

One was from Never Trumper David French. He said the white men’s actions were like a lynching:

It’s also worth remembering that the long and evil history of American lynchings features countless examples of young black men hunted and killed by white gangs who claimed their victims had committed crimes. While we don’t yet know the full details about the McMichaels’ motives, their actions speak loudly enough. When white men grab guns and mount up to pursue and seize an unarmed black man in the street, they stand in the shoes of lynch mobs past.

The other articles Mr. Shapiro shared were similar. National Review writer David Harasanyi said it was murder, and Arbery was right to attack the McMichaels. HotAir pundit Allahpundit said the state must punish the McMichaels to send a message against “vigilantism.”

New York Post opinion editor Sohrab Ahmari said the shooting “harks back to some of America’s oldest and ugliest racial traditions.” He added that “the newly released footage resembles a scene from the 19th century, when sadly, it’s 2020: a pair of white men on a white pickup truck harassing a black jogger on a deserted Georgia road.”

American Conservative senior editor Rod Dreher wrote a post called, “Ahmaud Arbery, Just A Runner.” “Arbery was unarmed,” he said. “Of course. The white men claim they were trying to make a citizen’s arrest of a burglary suspect. Arbery himself was no suspect — but he was black.” [‘Conservatives’ Make Fools of Themselves over Arbery Shooting, May 8, 2020]

President Trump must stop listening to his daughter and his son-in-law and get back to thinking primarily with his instincts. The story of an innocent black guy (who usually wore a tuxedo) merely jogging through a white neighborhood is a lie. A total, anti-white lie.

Using the same talking points of Conservatism Inc will only cause you to lose, and the Brunswick Hoax is just another attempt by the corporate media to assign white guilt to all whites across the country, as if they had a hand in pulling the trigger, costing Arbery his life.

By falling for this hoax, Trump serves to promote this blood libel against whites.

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