Trump On Immigrant Mass Murder
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In Robstown, TX, Trump talked about illegal immigrant crime, including one immigrant mass murder.

Just a few days ago, an illegal alien in McGregor, Texas was charged with the savagely murdering a 38 year old woman and her two teenage children, beautiful children, and then continuing his deadly rampage in the house next door that he went to, another one and another one before he was caught, he was massacring, helpless people, including a 47 year old woman and her precious 20 old year old daughter. A beautiful daughter who was studying to become a doctor, doing really well top of her class before driving down the street, wildly firing gunshots, wounding. Yet another innocent victim was finally caught.

And let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens. Because they catch him now and then they release him, the Democrats.

In El Paso this month, three illegal aliens were arrested for the brutal murder of a 28 year old man after shooting him multiple times in dumping his body on the side of the road. And last year in Harris County, two illegal alien MS 13 animals were convicted of kidnapping. Three teenage girls, raping them and sadistically murdering the 15 year old girl in a horrific satanic ritual. Editor Peter Brimelow wrote

Immigrant murder, let alone illegal immigrant murder, is generally completely suppressed in the Regime Media, but not on So where did Trump learn about this?

And who else is raising this?

The three cases Trump mentioned are real, although MSM factcheckers might harrumph that the MS-13 Satanist murder of Genesis Lizbeth Cornejo, 15, occurred in 2017 (in Texas, which is why Trump mentioned it) rather than just last year.

Aside from the story above, the mass murder in McGregor, TX, for which Nicolas Jaimes-Hernandez has been arrested, is being covered as a local story with no immigration aspect, typical headlines being Suspect in McGregor killings released from hospital, booked into county jail and 5 slain in Texas neighborhood identified; suspect charged.

Nicolas Jaimes-Hernandez did, however, commit an Immigrant Mass Murder of the kind we call ”Familicide,” killing three members of his own household, and two neighbors. He’s now paralyzed after being shot by police.

See McGregor shooting suspect to remain hospitalized ’couple more weeks’

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