Tucker Carlson vs. The ADL: Yes, The Great Replacement IS Happening And It's Democrat Election Interference
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On Friday, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith called for Tucker Carlson's firing by the Fox Network because he dared expose the Treason Party's plan to Elect A New People. On Monday, Tucker punched back:

"Why would any democratic nation make its own citizens less powerful? Isn’t that the deepest betrayal of all? In the words of the ADL, why would a government subvert its own sovereign existence? Good question. Maybe ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt will join us sometime to explain, and tell us whether that same principle applies to the United States."

Defiant Tucker Defends His Discussion Of Demographic Change, Exposes ADL Hypocrisy

According to VDARE.com's Washington Watcher II: "This segment was one of the best things Fox News has ever aired and was filled with ideas and talking points VDARE.com pioneered many years ago. You should watch the whole thing."


"He brought up California to prove his point. He explained how the state once voted for Republicans, but now is overwhelming blue thanks to mass immigration. He blamed Ronald Reagan, one of the last Republicans to win the state. The Gipper’s amnesty and the other benefits he doled out to illegals allowed California to be overrun by foreigners. The foreigners in turn made California a far worse place to live.

"Tucker’s bravest moment of the segment was challenging the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL called for his firing for criticizing demographic replacement. The Fox News host read on air an ADL post that criticized demographic replacement… in Israel."

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Touting Their Immigrant Ancestry, Biden’s Appointees Commit To Open Borders—And the Great Replacement

More on The Great Replacement from Washington Watcher II: "Merrick 'Antifa AG' Garland's priorities are clear. An imaginary army of 'white supremacists' poised to seize power must be stopped, he said during his confirmation hearing. But the very real Antifa terrorist network is much ado about nothing. 'Racist' police are yet another problem he wants to address, although he’s unworried about the black supremacist picked to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Garland is typical of all Biden’s cabinet picks. All, regardless of their other qualifications, are fanatical immigration enthusiasts. Their mission: dispossess the Historic American Nation, hasten The Great Replacement."

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The "Biden Rush" Has Begun. Brace For The Great Replacement

From VDARE.com's A.W. Morgan: "Apart from a patriot resolve we’ve never yet seen in the GOP/GAP, the Biden-Harris regime will carpet-bomb the Historic American Nation with millions of instant Democrats from the Third World, and will finish the Great Replacement the Kennedys and Rep. Emanuel Celler began with the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.

Brace yourself.

If you’re a part of the Historic American Nation, and unless something changes, you’ll soon be an outcast in your own country."

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