VDARE.com: 09/18/04 - Blog Articles
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Illegal Aliens Self-Deport  [Peter Brimelow] - 09/18/04

The Irish Echo's Ray O'Hanlon reports that New York State's new rule requiring a valid Social Security number to renew driver's licenses is prompting Irish illegal aliens to leave the U.S. Yet another example of the ways in which illegals can be persuaded to self-deport—something that has apparently never occurred to the Bush Administration's Asa Hutchinson.

Michelle Malkin's "Self-Hatred" [James Fulford] - 09/18/04

I see that critics of Michelle Malkin's new book on internment are accusing her of being a "self-hating" Asian American.

I've always felt that anyone accused of being self-hating for refusing to toe the left-wing line (Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly) should simply look the critics in the eye and say, "I don't hate me. I hate you."

But there are two other points:

  • Michelle is an American. Her defense of America's actions in World War II show her to be a non "self-hating" American. Some people call this "loyalty." You could look it up.

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