VDARE.com Book Club: WE HAVE A WINNER! New Content Posted
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We're proud to announce our raffle winner! Please join us in congratulating our brand new donor from Virginia! Thank you for the support!

Coincidentally, Virginia is the birthplace of Tom Wolfe, author of our feature, The Bonfire of the Vanities. Steve Sailer recalls:

Wolfe’s friend Ed Hayes, who was the model for Killian, Sherman McCoy’s street smart defense lawyer in Bonfire, has said:

"He's the grandson of a Confederate rifleman and grew up with the sense of the Lost Cause, of glorious doomed charges at Gettysburg, of a sense of personal honor and what constitutes masculinity that has largely been rejected by the urban intellectual elite of the Northeast."

Discussion questions are now posted for Book Club members here. And if you're new to the Book Club, please scroll down and enjoy all previous exclusive content. Happy reading!

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