VDARE Credit Card Donations Cancelled (For Now?) But E-Debits Available!
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We announced on February 20th that GabPay had saved our online payments. Unfortunately, we are now experiencing another outage. The bank that underwrites the credit card processing—that is, not a bank that the VDARE Foundation uses for depositing or interacts with directly—canceled us within the GabPay system. It is unclear why we were canceled. There is a chance that it was not political. The guys at GabPay are hopeful that we can get up and running again soon.

In the meantime, you can now make an online donation to VDARE Foundation by e-debit from your checking account directly. E-debit is a payment made online using your checking account directly, rather than a credit card. It is much more resilient and highly unlikely to be canceled. Regardless of whether we regain credit card donation abilities, e-debit will stay up and running as an independent online donation system.

Other ways to donate:

Mail a check, money order, IRA distribution, or other offline donation to:

VDARE Foundation
PO Box 211
Litchfield CT 06759

To donate by Donor Advised Fund, our EIN number is 22-19487. Note that Fidelity Charitable will not send donations to VDARE Foundation. If you are tied to donating through Fidelity Charitable, please contact me directly for options. My email is lbrimelow@vdare.com and the office phone number is 860-361-6231.

We do also accept cryptocurrency, stock donations, and precious metals.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.

P.S.: Many of you have asked what impact the Tucker Carlson appearance had on donations. So far we have brought in about $40,000. It is all very welcome!

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