WASHINGTON POST: ”Let Immigrants Save The Heartland”—For Whom?
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The Washington Post has an unsigned piece of Open Borders propaganda, with interactive charts:

Opinion: Let immigrants save the heartland,

By the Editorial Board, April 20, 2024

They seem concerned about population loss in various counties:

The Post Editorial Board writes:

It would require smart policy and political will—neither of which is plentiful in Washington, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) idea of busing migrants to cause political pain in blue jurisdictions could, unwittingly, be put to valuable use: encouraging migrants to rekindle economic development in depopulating cities such as Buffalo, Akron or Detroit, which have struggled to keep up with the economic transformations of the past 30 years.

Adding people might not revive beleaguered towns that have lost their economic rationale, however. If people have moved out, it’s largely because the jobs have gone, too. Still, for legacy industrial cities on the edge of decline, arresting population loss is imperative to avoid entering a downward spiral.

The thing is that this is America, and while there may be fewer Americans in a particular town, it’s still America. If it’s occupied by foreigners, who are they saving it for?

Well, one group is Maine dairy farmers who want cheap labor.

At PJMedia, Stephen Kruiser writes:

It should also be noted that when any of the Dems’ media lapdogs ”Blah-blah” about migrants or immigrants, there is no concern whatsoever about whether they arrived through legal means or not. 

WaPo: Illegal Immigrants Could ’Save’ Failing Blue Cities in Flyover Country, April 22, 2024

It doesn’t matter to the Democrats, but it also shouldn’t matter to conservative or immigration patriots, either. If your neighborhood, your school, or your entire town is overrun by Somalis, Hmong, or Guatemalans, it’s not going to make any difference to you if the overrunning was legal, due to refugee or work visa, or illegal. 

It’s exactly the same thing. Legal is worse, in fact, because you can’t even protest without being crushed by the hammer of the EEOC Civil Rights bureaucracy.


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