Weirdo $PLC Hitman Hayden Flat-Out Lied About Daily Wire CEO … Over Video Of CEO That Proves Hayden Lied
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Hand it to Michael Edison Hayden, the oddball $PLC hitman who’s writing a book about called Strange People on the Hill. The man has chutzpah. 

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“Jeremy Boring of Daily Wire sounds like he’s fantasizing about white men degrading Black people openly without fear,” Edison X posted:

But these guys want to do that while getting YOU fired (or worse) for labor organizing, fighting for civil rights, opposing them.

It’s never about free speech.

Yet Boering did no such thing and didn’t suggest any such thing. Here is what Boering rightly said on Tim Pool’s podcast:

The problem is that anonymity on the Internet allows for the ghettoizing of beliefs that are not approved by the regime. So a lot of people will say, “well, I have to be anonymous on the Internet because if my boss finds out that I’ve got these views, they’ll fire me.” But you’re only in the position where your boss could fire you for finding out about those views because you’ve allowed those views to be completely ghettoized through anonymity online.

If 5 million people came out today and said the n-word—I’m not recommending it—but no one would ever get fired for saying the n-word again. You wouldn’t be able to. You would have brought that to a conclusion. That little absurdity in our culture would be brought to an end. The ghettoizing of our beliefs allows for the punishment of anyone who steps outside of the ghetto. So if they catch you saying what you believe, they can fire you. ...

And you might say that we would have more cultural cohesion if we didn’t have online anonymity, too, because the online anonymity also allows us to become more radicalized, in ways, left and right, in ways that probably aren’t ultimately good.

In other words, Boering described what Hayden and his fellow communist speech police do, not what Boering wants to do:

Then again, self-awareness is not one of the virtues of communist doxers.

Note also that Hayden implicitly suggests that people should “fear” speaking their minds: “He’s fantasizing about white men degrading Black people openly without fear.” Of course, for Hayden “degrading Black people” doesn’t just include using racial slurs. It also includes telling the truth about black IQ and black crime.

On Tuesday, Hayden had great fun reposting $PLC’s hitwoman Hannah Geis’s dopey X posts about’s annual fundraiser, and reported the “breaking” news that Peter Brimelow “keeps working his phone.”

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Not bad for a “senior investigative reporter.”

Apropos of his forthcoming book, Hayden might be careful about calling others “strange.” After all, the weirdo wrote a play about a dominatrix in which his wife played the lead role. That’s unsurprising, given his online activity.

Hayden remains one of the few people to be banned from Gab, because of repeatedly breaking their terms of service "with regards to threats of violence and doxxing" and drunk posts like this one:

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