VDARE Radio: From Benghazi To The Border, Orders From Obama To "Stand Down"
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to VDARE RADIO.


In the consciousness of the Right, you never lose, you are betrayed.


The death of American diplomatic staff in Benghazi has become a kind of formative myth for many conservatives enraged at the supposed order from the Obama White House for American military personnel to “stand down” rather than defend the embassy.


Regardless of what you believe about the facts involved, it’s significant that millions of Americans really believe our own supposed leaders would be capable of this.


They really believe the death of Americans would bother the President less than losing control over his Narrative.


But it’s really not that hard to believe — and we can see more proof of this with the news that Border Patrol agents are being told to “stand down” and not do their jobs.


According to several reports, the Border Patrol is being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer even order them to appear at deportation hearings. Not that those orders mean very much anyway, as illegals are notorious for simply skipping their court hearings. But just to make sure illegal immigrants aren’t inconvenienced for their crime, there is even a requirement that the Border Patrol not track these invaders.


According to National Border Patrol Council head Brandon Judd, “We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether.”


Border patrol agents are understandably cynical about their jobs. Reportedly, they call the “notice to appear” orders they would give illegals a “notice to disappear.”


I suppose it is some small comfort that they are not even supposed to give those orders anymore and we can at least dispense with that element of the farce.


But the larger masquerade continues. The Department of Homeland Security has stated immigration laws will continue to be enforced, that “our border is not open to illegal migration and those who do will be sent back.”


Of course, this is a lie. And they know that they are lying. We know they are lying. And they know we know they are lying.


So the real question is why do they bother with this? Why not literally abolish our immigration laws altogether? After all, we know the Obama Administration has no interest in actually preventing illegal immigration. Indeed, the President goes out of his way to actively encourage illegal immigration. And once illegals arrive, at least if they are from the Third World, they can be integrated in that vast multicultural and anti-white spoils system we at VDARE.com call racial socialism.


I think the real target of the charade is those well-meaning, naive conservatives. It seems incredible, but the vast majority of Republicans, especially whites, don’t quite understand that our government has no real interest in enforcing our immigration laws. Occasionally, you’ll hear frustration about the government’s seeming inability to do its job and people will say things like, “I don’t understand.” Even Donald Trump has tapped into this sense of frustration when he argues, “We can’t be the stupid country anymore.”


But it’s not stupidity or incompetence driving the White House. It’s a carefully considered strategy. The Obama Administration is heavily invested in what Peter Brimelow has called “electing a new people” to replace the historic American nation it so despises.


The point is there is no “we.” There’s no shared interest between the historic American nation – us – and what is ostensibly our government. They rule us. They don’t like us. And they want to replace us.


When you view things from that point of view, the “stand down” order to the border patrol makes sense. Of course they don’t want to enforce our immigration laws. Of course they don’t really care about protecting our national security. Of course the lives of border patrol agents themselves – who are constantly under attack from rock throwing illegals – don’t really matter to their supposed Commander in Chief.


But they can’t come out and say that. Many Americans are simply too trusting and can’t believe their own government wouldn’t fulfill its responsibilities. So you’re not going to see the government be honest and say we are just getting rid of immigration laws. That would be too easy and overt. The scam must go on, and it’s the trusting Americans who are the marks who get taken for a ride.


And don’t pretend the Republicans aren’t in on this. The Republican Party ran in 2014 on the platform of abolishing Barack Obama’s executive orders. The minute they got into office after the mid-term elections, they began funding it.


The latest favorite of Fox News, the donors, and the Beltway Right, conniving Marco Rubio, ran for the Senate on a platform of immigration restriction. Once he got into office, he became a part of the Gang of Eight and tried to impose an Amnesty/Immigration Surge on the American people. Now, he’s trying to tell the American people he won’t do that again. But when he speaks to Spanish language media, he’s perfectly willing to reveal his true intentions to sell out Republican voters.


The Beltway Right is fond of saying we need to be constantly optimistic. That isn’t true. We need to “accept the mantle of anger” as Trump said. And we need to be more cynical. The people who rule us are lying to us. The people like Marco Rubio who claim to represent us are lying to us. They think we are stupid, they think we are lazy, and they think we are naive.


There’s only question left – what are you GOING to do to prove them wrong? What are you willing to sacrifice? Because if the answer is “nothing,” you’ve proved them right.


This has been Virginia Dare, and I’ll see you next week.





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