Impeach Joe Biden for Border Treason | VDARE VIDEO BULLETIN
September 24, 2023, 04:17 PM
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House Republicans have dominated headlines by opening an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. While the nation seems to be unifying against the President’s “No Borders” agenda, Kevin McCarthy announced that the inquiry would tackle the Biden family’s corruption and political dealings.

As Peter Brimelow writes for

“This is a disaster for America.”

Of course, it is bad that President Biden appears to have used his Vice-Presidential status to enrich his family. But this type of corruption will not destroy the country.

What WILL destroy the country is the continuation of the Biden Open Borders agenda, energetically enforced since his first day in office.

Since Biden took office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection have logged over 6,000,000 encounters with illegal aliens at the Southwest Border alone. Those numbers don’t include gotaways, or illegals who evaded detection by Border Patrol agents, which are estimated to number over 1.5 million additionally.

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