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December 02, 2022, 06:20 PM
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To be blunt: this story out of Kingston Massachusetts reads like the start of a horror story. A dystopian world of no hope, where one civilization has surrendered to another force for reasons completely unexplainable.

According to city officials, over 100 foreigners landed unexpectedly in Kingston, MA recently.

The top official in Kingston says 107 people in need of assistance have arrived unannounced in the Massachusetts town within the past week.

And because foreigners apparently are entitled to unprecedented safety nets, they are now being temporarily housed in a Wyndham hotel, courtesy of the MA tax-payer.

Hickey said the 107 people are being put up in the Baymont by Wyndham hotel by the state, which gave town officials no warning that those people would be coming.

And, of course, they brought children, who are now being enrolled in the state’s public schools at least until the end of the year.

According to Hickey, there are 20 children among the 107 who will need to be schooled for as long as they are in Kingston, which could be through the end of the year or until the state can find permanent housing.

But it doesn’t end there: According to a town administrator, in addition to housing and public education, the foreigners are also being showered with free food and health care, again thanks to the hard-working tax-payers of Massachusetts.

The town administrator also said the group’s immediate needs, such as food and shelter, are being provided for by the state, but that the rest of the work will fall on the town of Kingston. Hickey said Kingston’s public health nurse has been to the Baymont by Wyndham to provide medical care and vaccinations for the dozens who recently arrived in town.

So where did these transients come from exactly? Well we do know that they aren’t fluent in the English language as they apparently speak Creole.

Hickey said he does not know where the people are from, only that they speak Creole and little to no English.

Paul Kersey writes for

This isn’t an invasion anymore, folks. Our nation is a buffet for the Third World masses to enjoy, with no sneeze guard.

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